Top 9 Best overdrive pedals Available in 2021

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In this article we will take a look at some of the best chosen overdrive pedals . We would recommend using BOSS Super Overdrive Guitar Pedal (SD-1) as it is available at reasonable price

Top 9 best overdrive pedals review:

JHS Pedals Bonsai 9-Way Screamer Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal, Green

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as of April 21, 2022 1:06 am


  • The Bonsai is our tribute to one of the greatest pedals ever created, the Tube Screamer
  • A Simple rotary knob switches through nine classic, vintage, rare, or hard to find variations of the Screamer
  • The Bonsai Does Not emulate these pedals, it is exact replications of these nine units all housed in one box
  • Choosing a mode on the Bonsai rotary actually activates components specific to each unit

Wampler Pantheon Deluxe Dual Overdrive Pedal with MIDI, Blue

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as of April 21, 2022 1:06 am


  • A dual overdrive pedal that takes this evolution several steps further by offering a flexible design with two completely independent Pantheon circuits, one voiced as a classic blues breaker and one with a more modern boutique sound
  • This palace of tone delivers a staggering 200 combinations of gain settings, featuring dual Inputs and Outputs, and for the first time ever, Wampler have added MIDI channel switching to one of their gain pedals
  • Lets you dial in two channels of organic creamy gain, gritty overdrive, or heavy distortion while retaining Wampler’s famous ease of use and flexibility
  • Channel 1 delivers a classic Blues Breaker tone, Channel 2 is a recreation of the original Pantheon, a similar circuit to the Blues Breaker but with a modern boutique feel
  • Independent side mounted Voicing and Gain Level switches allow you to further shape your tone to perfection

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Guitar Effects Pedal

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4 used from $99.98
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as of April 21, 2022 1:06 am


  • Classic "blues" guitar tones with tube amp simulation
  • Warm distortion and overdrive
  • Responds to nuance and volume changes
  • AC adaptor or 9V battery operation

JHS The Kilt V2 Overdrive and Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

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1 used from $159.34
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as of April 21, 2022 1:06 am


  • A heavily tweaked Expandora-style dirt box that gives you tons of tonal options
  • A specifically chosen op-amplifier offers super low noise and an improved slew rate for smoother structure
  • The cut/flat toggle gives you the option to cut the low end frequencies to better sit in the mix
  • When in the “flat” position, the bass response is beefy for those heavy guitar riffs or bass grit
  • The G1 and G2 toggles let you select various forms of distortion via select resistance values

Amazon Basics Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal - True Bypass, 2 Modes

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as of April 21, 2022 1:06 am


  • Overdrive guitar effect pedal gives an original tone an extra boost; produces that familiar, pleasant tube overdrive sound
  • 2 modes; rotate the knobs to boost the guitar amp for vibrant tone or overdrive the device for one-of-a-kind pedal sound; true bypass hardware switching
  • Made of reliable high-quality aluminum alloy with a green finish; anti-skid rubber pads on the backside for stability and friction prevention
  • LED status indicator; user manual included; no batteries needed; powered by an AC adapter(NOT included) delivery, 9V DC regulated minimum 300mA, Internal negative external positive
  • Measures 3.7 by 2.1 by 2.1 inches; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty

Friedman Amplification BE-OD Deluxe Dual Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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as of April 21, 2022 1:06 am


  • Authentic British Overdrive Tones based on the Legendary "BE-100" tube head
  • Dual Channels with Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence
  • Three Position Tight Switch (per channel)
  • Includes Splitter Cable for 18V Operation (connect to power supply via 2 x 9V isolated outputs)
  • True Bypass Switching; Powered by 9V-18VDC; Assembled in USA

J. Rockett Audio Designs Tour Series Archer Overdrive and Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

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as of April 21, 2022 1:06 am


  • A recreation of an iconic circuit matching all of the wonderful qualities of the original
  • A great clean boost that goes all the way to a chimey classic organic gain
  • Can be used as just a clean boost by turning the gain all the way down
  • Introduce gain to attenuate the clean signal until you find the magical blend in between
  • Can be powered by a 9V battery; Battery is not included

Wampler Belle Overdrive Pedal (B ELLE)

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as of April 21, 2022 1:06 am


  • If you set the gain low and the bass control up high, you get a wonderful clean boost sound that can rival any Klone circuit, but when you spin the bass down and the gain all the way up, you suddenly find yourself with an awesome transparent overdrive / medium distortion sound with all the crunch you need.
  • The Color control is more than just a standard tone control and it’s pretty unique to this circuit. Dialling it right or left will either boost or cut the high and low end a little, but the midrange frequencies are left well alone.
  • Combine this with the Bass control and you have a very versatile tone shaping palette with Wampler’s legendary ease of use.
  • Push switch on the side controls the amount of compression and alters the clipping structure in the circuit for some extra punch.
  • Built in the U.S.A.; Includes Wampler’s limited 5-year warranty

EarthQuaker Devices Plumes Small Signal Shredder Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal (ERQ

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as of April 21, 2022 1:06 am


  • All-analog approach to a classic tube-like overdrive circuit
  • 3 different clipping voices
  • Lower noise, better signal integrity and more chime in the high end
  • Loads of headroom and almost three-dimensional clarity that will push your amp over the edge
  • The reimagined tone control is finely tuned to sculpt low end, clear top end, and focus midrange with blooming sustain

The popular overdrive pedals brands

One of the things we suggest to most of our readers is to buy the overdrive pedals from a well-known brand. Good brands provide, good quality products, great customer support, and have service centers in different places around the country. Regarding the overdrive pedals I have a preference for the products of the brands listed below.

  • Boss
  • Rest Repose Records
  • Origin Effects
  • Strymon
  • Blucoil
  • Vertex Effects

    5 Things You need to consider when choosing the overdrive pedals in 2021

    There are some things you should consider when buying a overdrive pedals. We spent 22 hours researching the most important things you should consider when buying a overdrive pedals. So should we start with the list of things you should consider?

    1. Budget and price matching

    Make a list of the things you want in your overdrive pedals and the price you are willing to pay for it. So try to look for a product in that price range and choose the one that appeals to you the most. One tip we would like to give you is: don’t settle for a cheaper product if it doesn’t even have a function you need.

    Most overdrive pedalss fall within the price range of $ 49.99 to $ 249.99. Therefore, if budget is not a problem and you want the best product for your needs, we advise you to choose the BOSS Super Overdrive Guitar Pedal (SD-1).

    If you want something medium range, choose Origin Effects RD Compact Hot Rod Overdrive Pedal. If you have a very low budget, you can choose the one that is the Vertex Effects Steel String Supreme Overdrive Pedal

    2. Does it have all the features you need?

    Most importantly, the overdrive pedals you are purchasing should have all the features you are looking for. In case you don’t even have one, don’t buy! We are saying this because you will not be able to use it for that purpose. If you are a person without budget problems, I would suggest you to choose the best model which is Vertex Effects Steel String Supreme Overdrive Pedal

    3. The brand

    Buying the overdrive pedals from a reputable brand can actually make sense. Not only will it be better than others in terms of “build quality”, but it will also have some extra features, better customer support. Famous brands have multiple service centers across the country, so if you have any problems you can simply take your overdrive pedals to one of their service centers.

    4. Warranty Matters!

    When you buy a overdrive pedals from a well-known brand, you will get a guarantee. Low-cost products also come with warranties, but the claim process could be tougher. That’s why I always suggest you buy the product from a reputed brand and the one that comes under warranty. It will save you from repair costs in the future. On average, around 21% of people end up paying 40% of the product price for the service! You can save on service costs if the product is under warranty!

    5. Check out our website

    On our website we have experts in all categories and no matter what the product is, we have a better review or list about it. The products on our list are based on expert picks, advice and hours of research. That’s why when you buy something that’s listed on our best list, you won’t regret it. However, there is a possibility that we may not have covered the product you might be interested in, but if you come across something like this, please let us know via comments or contact us.


    What is the best overdrive pedals?

    The best overdrive pedals is the one that has all the features that meet your needs. I think the best is BOSS Super Overdrive Guitar Pedal (SD-1)

    Are there any good deals on overdrive pedals?

    In the offline market, you won’t find many offers. However, I have chosen the best dual visor jet helmet and have added links to Amazon which has deals and deals running on a regular basis.

    What is the cheapest overdrive pedals?

    Although most of the cheaper dual visor jet helmets do not have many features, but if you are looking for the best one at a low cost, my best bet would be on Vertex Effects Steel String Supreme Overdrive Pedal

    Where can I buy the overdrive pedals?

    There are several places where you can buy it, but in my opinion, when it comes to the online marketplace, I wouldn’t recommend anything other than Amazon. It’s because their service is great!

    Why should you trust our website?

    We have been in the review business for more than 15 years and our motive is to help people buy the top rated products at the best price. We went through 22 to help you find the best overdrive pedals

    The verdict

    We hope you liked the overdrive pedalss that we have listed in our best list. If it was helpful, bookmark our site and share it with people you know whenever they intend to buy something.
    To conclude this guide,

  • If you are looking for the best overdrive pedals: you should consider the idea of BOSS Super Overdrive Guitar Pedal (SD-1)
  • If you want the one that has similar characteristics to the best, then you should consider The Cheapest Overdrive Pedal
  • If you want a overdrive pedals that is “value for money”, choose Rock Band Overdrive Pedal – Works on 360, Ps3 & Wii
  • If you want the cheapest overdrive pedals, then Vertex Effects Steel String Supreme Overdrive Pedal should be the best for your needs!
  • Updated: September 11, 2021 — 6:16 pm